Bringing wellness to your life

Please Note:

As wellness facilitators we understand that the body has a natural built in defence against things like the coronavirus as long as we do not supress our immune system with stress. Whilst we are not worried about contracting the virus, we would not like to unwittingly infect others who have compromised their immune system, so we are not seeing anyone at the moment and will look forward to seeing old and new customers again once things improve.

In the mean time be happy in order to keep well.


As wellness facilitators we (Vivien and Paul) provide you with a balanced range of uniquely innovative healing skills to address your personal wellness requirements, be they physical, mental or emotional, our natural wellness practice actually encompasses the whole being, but we are happy to help you with a single aspect of your being if that is what you want.

The short video on the right was designed to challenge your curent way of perceiving wellness.

Why a natural wellness practice?

Allopathic medical healthcare treats the person as a machine which needs fixing or medicating to try and alleviate or control the symptoms of disease or pain and suffering that they are experiencing.

As wellness facilitators we treat each person as a whole unique living being that is personally responsible for their own general state of wellness. We help people to understand how they are creating the underlying problem to the symptoms of disease, pain and suffering as a direct reflection of the way they have chosen to be. We also help people to heal the underlying cause and put them back in control.

What we do

We simply help you to become more balanced and centred, to get back into control of yourself by addressing your general state of wellness.

We address your wellness issues in a direct and caring way through the skilful application of aromatherapy, remedial and full body massages, Indian head massage, reflexology, healing and our uniquely specialised self acceptance healing, so you can once more enjoy your unique life experience by becoming free from stress, tension and its associated diseases or pain and suffering.

Wellness is

Did you know that our general state of wellness is something that we actually set up and control within ourselves?

Our general state of wellness is a direct reflection of what we choose to be, or the way we choose to perceive ourselves, to transform our general state of wellness requires us to transform the way we have chosen to be in relation to our life experience.

This short video outlines how you use your creative potential to manifest wellness.

We Work With You!

You may just need some 'me time' to chill and relax, or you have aches and pains which require our help, or perhaps you are overcoming a long term illness and need a helping hand, or maybe you need our help to come to terms with something which has happened or is happening right now?

Whatever your personal requirements are, we are here to work with you to address your general state of wellness in a natural, skilful, caring and intuitive way.

Our availability

We are available for appointments on: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Please remember that a healthy mind - creates a healthy body.

Contact Details

Old Church House, Great Barugh, Malton. North Yorkshire. YO17 6UZ.


01653 668110